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Maria Efthymiou

Front-end Developer, based in the Netherlands

Featured Projects

Croissants Landing page with HTML and CSS

Landing page about Croissants

The Croissant Delight Showcase is a web-based project designed exclusively using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, aimed at highlighting the artistry and variety of croissants. This project serves as a static webpage for a fictional bakery, specializing in a wide array of croissant offerings. The site uses videos to show off some of the bakery's products.

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Weather App

Weather app Project build with HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript and two APIs. Gets real data in real time about current wind speed, humidity in percentages and the UV level. Displays current weather and gives a forecast for the upcoming six days. It converts temperature from celsius to farhenheit and vise versa. Open-source project hosted on GitHub and Netlify.

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Weather project with JavaScript
Dictionary project with Reactjs

Online Dictionary

Responsive dictionary project utilizing HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and API.

*On-going project

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Tank-drum Landing page

The very first landing page created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Connects buttons with external links and generates alert and prompt messages.

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Landing page with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

🙌🏼This project was coded by Maria and it is open-sourced.